Managing business travel is easy with Cabcharge Plus.

Cabcharge Plus gives you complete visibility and control of business travel. Finance teams gain visibility into all business travel, improved cost control and reduced administrative burden.

The Cabcharge Plus travel management portal provides you with access to the data that credit cards cannot provide.

Enjoy simplified month-end reconciliation processes with electronic receipts, detailed route maps and trip information, automated cost coding and fare limits.

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Features & Benefits

Route maps, pick-up and drop-off locations

Fare breakdowns and cost-code analysis

Expense reporting by individual, team or department

Integrate with your Expense Management system e.g. Concur

Policy breach notifications and controls

Shared administration and multi-user access

Focus on what matters.

With Cabcharge Plus, staff and frequent travellers are no longer required to complete time-consuming travel expense claims or deal with the frustration of lost receipts and cost codes.

Cabcharge Plus is powerful, simple to use and completely free for all Cabcharge accounts.


Calculate time and cost savings.

Simply answer these 3 questions and we’ll tell you how much Cabcharge can save you.

How many people are employed by your organisation?
Select the option which applies to your organisation. If you’re not sure of the exact number of employees then select the option that is most likely to be correct.

Which of the following best describes your organisation’s use of business travel?
These options are provided as broad categories. The three tiers are defined as:
  • Light – A small number of staff travel occasionally
  • Moderate – A small portion of staff travel frequently
  • Heavy – A significant portion of staff travel frequently

How does your organisation currently manage business travel expenses?
Click one of the options to help us understand your organisation’s current approach to business travel expense management. Select the most prominent method in cases where more than one option applies.