FASTCARD for frequent travellers

Specially designed for people who travel regularly, this personalised card puts your travel policy in people’s pockets.

FASTCARD reduces time and cost associated with the management of business travel. Real-time integration with Cabcharge Plus, our travel management portal, ensures that finance teams stay on top of business travel.

Simplify month-end reconcilliation

  • Automatically capture staff names and cost codes
  • No receipts
  • Built-in travel rules and no annual fee
  • Set maximum fare and restrict use to specific times or days
  • Electronic reporting (ATO compliant statements)
  • No cancellation fee, surge pricing or Fringe Benefit Tax

For staff on the go

Give time back to staff

FASTCARD is ideal for sales executives, senior management and regular travellers. We offer a full range of booking options including app, phone and rank or hail.

Say goodbye to paper receipts and time consuming credit card expense claims. With simple electronic reporting, FASTCARD frees up frequent travellers to focus on their day job.

Over 70% of rides come from hailed cabs. We are the only taxi payment provider that includes kerbside pick up.

Calculate time and cost savings

for your team or business

Answer three simple questions and we’ll show you how Cabcharge will save time for your finance team and reduce the cost of business travel.

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