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Designed for finance. Built for business.

Every finance leader understands the fine balance between cost control and workforce enablement. Too much control risks stifling growth but too little can quickly wipe out hard-earned gains.

Now you can enjoy all the convenience and functionality of traditional Cabcharge tickets in a mobile format.

The Cabcharge Digital Pass gets your people moving while ensuring that finance teams retain complete control by capturing staff names and cost codes. Stay safe in the knowledge that people have your travel policy in their pocket.

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How it works

Finance team receives a request for business travel

Cabcharge Digital Pass is issued by email with cost code and usage rules applied

Traveller downloads Digital Pass to smartphone wallet and taps to pay

Finance team receives digital receipt including route map via Cabcharge

Calculate time and cost savings

for your team or business

Answer three simple questions and we’ll show you how Cabcharge will save time for your finance team and reduce the cost of business travel.

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