Mobile payments for occasional travellers.

Now your can enjoy the convenience and functionality of traditional Cabcharge tickets in a mobile format. The Digital Pass can be issued via SMS or email within seconds to your staff or guest's mobile phone. It's ideal for occasional travellers or functions and events when you need to send digital passes out to multiple people at once. Finance teams can apply restrictions to specific trips – including maximum value and expiry dates.

Finance teams stay in control with Digital Pass with a payment option that keeps people moving. Stay safe in the knowledge that people have your travel policy in their pocket.

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Contact CabCharge

How It Works

Finance team issues Digital Pass via SMS or email

Traveller downloads Digital Pass to smartphone wallet and taps to pay

Finance team receives digital receipt including traveller details and trip data not available from credit cards

Calculate time and cost savings.

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How many people are employed by your organisation?
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Which of the following best describes your organisation’s use of business travel?
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  • Light – A small number of staff travel occasionally
  • Moderate – A small portion of staff travel frequently
  • Heavy – A significant portion of staff travel frequently

How does your organisation currently manage business travel expenses?
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